How to Protect Your Roof so That It Can Protect You in Oahu – Hawaii

People sometimes say that they feel everything is going to be OK so long as they have a roof over their head. It’s easy to see why that statement can ground the average person’s anxiety. A safe home which protects us from the elements really is one of the most important things in life. One can easily picture cavemen in ancient times cowering in caves. Uncertain about attacks from wild animals or threatening storms.

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Today we’re protected from nature, both elemental and human, by firm walls and a strong roof. But there’s an element to this which people tend to forget about. People often think about the roof over their head as something fully protective. A part of their home which will always look after them. But in reality a roof is constantly taking a toll from all of that work. The more a roof protects us from the more damage it picks up. A roof protects us from harm. But at the same time homeowners need to protect their roof from damage before it becomes too severe.

Of course this brings up another question. How will someone actually know if it’s time to call in for roof repair? The answer comes down to awareness of one’s roof. We seldom take time to really examine our roof. For all that it does for us we don’t really notice it too much. The old saying “out of sight out of mind” is appropriate to many of the things which ensure our safety. As such we need to get out of that habit. It’s a good idea to simply schedule a couple days out of the year to ask oneself about the condition of a roof. It just takes a few seconds to toss that reminder onto one’s phone. But it can save people quite a bit of time, effort and money if it means saving their roof from escalating damage. One should also just try to keep an eye open for some of the most important warning signs.

The first and most obvious sign from an outside perspective is sagging. A roof should present straight lines and flat surfaces. The primary reason for this design comes from the nature of water. A roof can, rather obviously, stand up to rain. That’s one of the main points of having a roof. But a roof has a lot more issues with pools of standing water. Gravity and evaporation will remove water from the roof if straight lines are maintained. But if there’s any sign of sagging than it will mean two things. The first is that water can accumulate in the sagging area. And second, there’s a fairly good chance that the visible sagging is due to an expanding area created by an initially smaller indention.

Next, one should consider calling roofers if there’s any sign of missing shingles or tiles. A roofing contractor can determine the exact reason for the missing tiles. As with the sagging roof, missing shingles and tiles can be evidence of new or escalating damage. The roofing company will want to proceed in two very different ways depending on which it is. They might simply be able to replace a few damaged shingles. But it might also signal that the roof’s overall integrity has failed. In that case the entire roof might need to be replaced.

It’s important to note that curling shingles or tiles are something quite different. If this happens with a roof than the most likely explanation is improper ventilation in one’s attic. However, it might also be down to age related damage in the material. In any case, this is usually a much less serious issue than missing shingles.

One should also watch out for signs that moss is growing on the roof. Moss can actually look quite beautiful. But moss is also a sign that there’s a significant amount of weight and moisture on the roof. Where there’s moss there’s water. And where there’s standing water there’s going to be damage if enough time has passed. Worse, moss can operate in a similar way to sponges. The moss soaks up moisture and gains weight. Meanwhile it’s pushing all that water up against the roof. As such, moss always warrants additional investigation if one wants to protect his roof.

Finally, it’s usually a good idea for people to become more aware of their roof. People seldom stop to just look at their roof and appreciate what they have. A roof is an important part of daily life. And it’s worth taking a moment to really appreciate that fact.